Frequently Asked Questions

Client Question #1


Can you provide nursing or medical help?

While we do not provide any direct care, we will help you obtain nursing if needed. We work with many nursing agencies. We also work very closely with our client's physicians & specialists. Many times we are able to help you be seen sooner by your specialists.

Client Question #2


How long does it take to get a grant?

There are many steps to this process but it ranges from 3 - 5 months. While there are no guarantees for grants, our company has a 100% approval rate. We work with agencies, private companies & hope to be a Non-Profit soon.

Client Question #3


How quickly can I get a home visit?

We try to schedule appointments within a week of the first contact. With clients that have more immediate medical needs we will try our best to arrange a home visit within a few days but may also begin helping prior to coming to your home. The first step is to contact us by email or phone, whatever your preference.